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Am I Libral or Conservative? I am neither and both.

I hear this debate everywhere I go. There is no debate. It is a knowledge of political science that is the light that shines a bit of common sense into our political structure. We have been conditioned by the capital news media to think in terms of right and left. If we believe in one we hate the other. There is as much reason on one side as there is on the other depending on life and what is in it. We have been taught to hate socialism because of Marx. We have been taught to hate communism. These things are not evil they are the tools of our government. All of our public property is the practice of communism. Labor unions are a socialist concept. These tools are what we use to generate a balance of power.

It is the extremes of any of these tools that become a problem. In order to prevent us from ending in an extreme situation a balance of power must be maintained. The capital system must be held in check by its opposite extremes. So the balance of capitalism must be done with a combination of socialist and communistic ideas.

Even the word freedom that we love so much when taken to the extreme is evil. We can not be so free as to kill one another or steal from each other. The concept of equality is as an extreme is to force us all to be exactly like the other. This also needs a balance. These two balance against each other. Freedom and equality when balanced against each other form a desirable situation. If the Libertarian Party was to understand that the idea of Liberty also needs to be balanced against equality they would have a party and a platform that was in line with the majority of people in this world.

This is how the balance of liberty and equality can be formed to create a platform.

We have 5 social functions within our government that need to be controlled socially.

The political system. This is now like an auction to see who will spend the most money on the capital media system. We need a government funded network of air and cable to advertise our political system. No more special interest donations. Also about the lobby system. The lobby system is ok as long as it becomes against the law for any lobby to receive any compensation for this effort. This leaves only a personal lobby system.

The Judicial system. At one time this was innocent until proven guilty or did we forget about this. Today there are people in jail for years without ever having a trial because they did not have the money for bail. This amounts to " Guilty until proven rich. " We do not want a public defender. We want the money that is used for the public defender system to be given as a voucher so as to attain a lawyer of your own at a cost that is determined by your resources.

The Education system. The existing system that is based on a degree that is issued by a capital institution. Does not give indication of knowledge. It only gives indication that a student has put in the time and PAYED THE MONEY TO THE SCHOOL. If you want to quickly expand the value of the American work force, expand the GED system to include AS, BS, AA, BA This will allow people to study at the library then take a government test to attain a degree. In 3 months this will double the value of our work force. It will also be competition to the existing schools giving them incentive to improve.

The medical system. I do not need to say anything it has already been said The owners of the for profit medical system, the CEO's that run them, the insurance companies that control the funding. None of these people have taken the Hippocratic oath, they have no business being in control of medicine. They are no better than a huge blood sucking parasite that is bleeding the American people to death

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The communication system: This is totally out of control. These airways and networks belong to the people. They need to be under the control of the people. But who is going to carry this message?????

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John EMM