This is the reason that the occupy movement is going to make a difference

It has been said that the occupy movement was started by a corrupt organization. Many things have been said about it to discredit it.

There is a major point about the occupy movement that makes me sure that even if it was started by a corrupt source. AS far as they are concerned now, IT IS TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL.

How do I know this. Because the occupy movement has adopted a democratic system of organization. If there is one thing that will frighten the hell out of the 1% is a TRUE DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT.

The Reason that the media is having such a hard time getting any information out of the occupy movement is that there is no leader. All decisions are generated by a vote of the general assembly. This is why the world at one time had no idea what the USA was going to do next. Because it did not know itself what it was going to do next because it was relative to a vote of the people.

Well the international corporations have taken our government but the idea of democracy is not one that can be stolen from the people, because it is the people.

They have given us party politics, this is meant to keep us split. This is why the occupy movement can not abide by party politics. If two people have reason to disagree then the problem is brought before the general assembly. Then all agree that they will abide by the outcome of the general assembly. This is how the people remain together and united

. Together we stand divided we fall. This democratic movement is the one thing that will cause fear in the heart of the 1%. So how ever it started it is now the awakening of the giant. Praise the lord. We shall overcome! Also PLEASE HELP THIS TO CONTINUE! John EMM