A message for the people

This is about who we are, what we are, what is happening to our government.

Your ability to see this in the same way that I do is going to require the prerequisite understanding of the document found in this link.

The age of uncontrolled capitalism is destined to end. This is obvious by the fact that the only reasonable replacement for oil is solar and wind. Both of these items are not compatible with capitalism. You can not sell sunshine and wind. This is part of the very well designed creation that we discovered actually does exist. We learned that we can look under the creation back to the sea of chaos. Our world according to AE depends on something that does not exist. The capital system refuses to accept what science is finding. Why! You can not sell tickets to a deterministic show in a non deterministic universe. You are right Lawrence the game is DESIGNED TO END HERE. NEW GAME COMING SOON. It however will not be monopoly this time around. IT WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

I do not know why you find it here. Maybe because I always put everything into public domain. This indicates that my desire is not to lead us to a better world but to travel with everyone to a better world. JUST TO BE PART OF A BETTER WORLD IS MORE THAN ENOUGH MOTIVATION TO LET THIS CONTROL MY LIFE FOR THE PAST 42 YEARS. I already have most everything I need the only thing that I would ever ask to improve is to have proper medical attention for myself AND FOR ANY OF THE ANIMALS THAT I FIND ARE IN NEED OF HELP. I do not mean help to kill them to put them out of their misery. I mean to actually help them as you would any SPIRIT IN NEED OF HELP. YES IT SEEMS WE AND ALL THE ANIMALS ARE IN COMMON THE OBSERVERS OF THIS UNIVERSE FOR THE COLLECTIVE OF ALL LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS. Thus leading to the creation wave that is CONTINIOUS DYNAMIC CREATION AT THE POINT OF CREATION (((NOW)))! I pray now that it can be done on earth as it is in heaven. I give thanks for my daily bread. I hope there have been no trespasses. I also pray to improve my ability to forgive, that I myself may be forgiven in kind. Please make my path clear that I will not stray into a false trail by tempation. The People will soon know of the greatness of the divine soul and from where it comes for this is where we exist this day in EDEN.

At this point I was reminded of the power that is within the apparent control of the systems that oppress the people. Those systems that want things on our world to remain the same with their cash flow un-restricted. I am reminded that the sunshine and wind can be taxed and its use for the generation of power be restricted by law.

I reply as.

How long do you think a government will last that prevents the use of sunshine or wind as a power source? That kind of law is the same as saying F..K YOU TO ALL MANKIND. Not a very wise thing to do. See the activities in Spain and Greece etc. Look what happened in Iceland to the government and Bankers that went TOO FAR. The old USSR their soldiers turned their weapons 180 degrees and SAID hey boss man your IT.

It is just a matter of time for the people to once again gain control of the USA. There are already plans floating around on the internet for building automatic weapons at home. I saw one for the easiest to build weapon system that I ever saw. A propane fired automatic weapon that fires using a spark plug and uses the pressure of the propane to recycle the automatic system. this was just a gravity feed system of 1/2 inch diameter steel balls. meant to be mounted to an anchor not to be held by hand. They also claim that this same system can be made to fire 1 ,inch diameter armor piercing steel balls. that can be mounted to the chassi under an SUV one facing forward and one facing back.

Look out for that 3rd exhaust pipe. The only difference with the armor piercing system was that it used an oxygen tank also.

What does this all say. THE PEOPLE WILL WIN. IT CAN NOT GO ANY OTHER WAY. The USA has all these weapons. But the people have all the discarded retired engineers and scientists that made all of these weapons to begin with. Including all the technology that shines anywhere in the world. ALL MADE BY THE PEOPLE. The military do not make weapons, the people do. the military happens when the people that made the weapons make the mistake of selling their ideas or putting them into the hands of people willing to use them. The people that made the weapons are still part of "WE THE PEOPLE." If it becomes necessary to make weapons to protect ourselves within our own borders we are already armed but can make more as needed. the only true power on this earth is "WE THE PEOPLE." all other sources of power only exist because it was granted so by "WE THE PEOPLE."

We have been asleep at the watch and the ones that we trusted betrayed us. If we must now fight them to regain control of our country and our world SO BE IT. IT IS NOT BUT A FOOLS ERRAND TO BE FIGHTING THIS WAR AS THE ONLY POSSABLE WINNER IS ALREADY KNOWN, THE WAR WILL MAKE NO DECISIONS, ONLY WE THE PEOPLE CAN WIN. BECAUSE WE ARE THE ONLY TRUE FORCE ON THIS PLANET.

I spent a lifetime selling my time and my ideas to earn a paycheck. Then I spent half a lifetime trying to sell ideas that could improve the efficiency or compete with the existing systems. I discovered that they did not want new technology. New technology was something that would compete with and impede their EXISING CASH FLOW. It was then that I put everything into public domain and gave my ideas freely to the people and I made the promise to myself that I will never again take part in a system that causes artificial shortages that bring about starvation and wars just to keep the price high on the stock market. This system SUCKS. IT NEEDS TO BE UNDER CONTROL. We do not need to stop all capitalism we simply need to prevent companies from removing NATURAL COMPITITION from the system so as to create a SUDO MONOPOLY TO KEEP PRICES HIGH. This happens in the food market and people die of hunger. This happens in the energy market and people freeze to death.

An example of a specific situation of this creation of a SUDO MONOPOLY. The company Chevron bought the patent on a NIMH battery system that could make electric vehicles viable. They had no intention of selling this battery to anybody they simply wanted to insure that the price of this battery was so high as to make the manufacture of electric vehicles impossible. There needs to be a law against any action by any person or persons or company or corporation that prevents the people from getting any item or food or medicine or clothing or WHATEVER is needed by the people for survival or comfort at a cost that is defined only by the NATURAL availability WITHIN A MARKET PLACE THAT IS UN-RESTRICTED BY ANY PERSON, PERSONS, COMPANY, OR CORPORATION, including the holding of a patent for a device that could alter the market place when there is no intention of getting this device to the people that are in need of it. In said condition the patent should be revoked and the device put into public domain for the manufacture by any that wish to do so as long as the intention is to get the device to the public as quickly as is possible.

This is what a free market looks like. So do not give me the GOP idea of what is a free market.

The capital system is meant to be driven by the technology of new and better ways to do whatever it is that we can conceive of. The imagination of mankind is the solidifying our dreams for a better world. This however can not happen when the system is restricted by greed.