I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative, I just put forth a bit of common sense. While the people of the USA have been fighting back and forth about who is better or worse the republicans or the democrats. Both parties that are driven by international corporations have stolen our government and are in the process of destroying our one and only world.

The condition of our system is so bad the politicians that get there with good intention fall into apathy and become part of the corrupt environment. Stealing from the people and our children and our future.

The reason that our world is in turmoil is because we are in the process of changing from an economy that is owned and operated by OIL to an economy that I choose to call the SUNSHINE ECONOMY.

The manufacturers in the USA have huge amounts of money invested in OIL. They can not produce what the world wants because that would cause their oil stock to loose.

On the other hand China has been under the thumb of the oil economy since the end of WW2. They have no love for oil. They are producing BOATLOADS OF SOLAR PANELS and shipping them all over the world including right into the port at Miami Fl. I know this because the roof of my home/buss is covered with them that I bought at .78 per watt.

As we speak my home is not connected to the grid and I type at you with SUNPOWER. Shortly I will have an electric vehicle that I can charge with my excess power. Then I will no longer need gasoline either. Because I will be driving for free on SUNPOWER.

This is all well known by the oil companies. They know they are on the way out and are doing whatever they can to prolong the agony.

The media will never give you this information because it might cause you to speed up the process.

The big problem is that the majority of the cash investments made into the oil economy has no way to shift into another system. Think about the initial cost of an offshore oil rig including the money that was dumped in the lobby so the government will allow them to drill. Now think about the cost of this same oil rig as scrap iron.

There is some innovative thinking about turning these into offshore wind generators and sending the power to shore via cabling. But the big problem is that SUNSHINE IS FREE THERE IS NO WAY TO INVEST IN THE SALE OF SUNSHINE.

Now as you spend a bit of time thinking about this, then look around you will see the problem. The problem is not a USA problem it is a global problem as the OIL ECONOMY IS GLOBAL.

The corporations have launched an all out effort to gain total control of all of the worlds governments so they may hold onto their power that was the result of the OIL ECONOMY.

What we need is to fill every line on every ballot all over this country with votes that ARE NOT REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATE for they are both corrupt. Green party or Libertarian as long as it is NOT REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATE.