I do not know how many times that I must say this. But I will do it again. As apparently some do not get the message.

What you hear from the media or from any other source including people involved with the occupy movement, about the Occupy movement must be taken with a grain of salt.

This movement moves only on the majority of the votes of its members. If you are truly a reader of the crystal ball and can see what the vote of the people is going to be, then and only then will you know what this organization is going to do.

The only thing that I am aware of that indicates any direction of the efforts is to begin to organize at the district level to vote for delegates for as many districts as they can find people to organize.

These delegates will go to the National Democratic General Assembly to take place on July 4th 2012 in Philadelphia PA.

At this time and place the delegates will form a general assembly, where they will vote to ratify a declaration of grievances that will be delivered to every representative, senator vice president , and president. Including all those that are not yet elected but are running for any of those offices.

AS far as I know at this point this is all that has been ratified and set into motion at this point. The declaration of grievances that does exist at this point is only meant as a starting point to begin the vote by the delegates on July 4th 2012

So until that time I will support this occupy movement as much as I can.

I am not interested in whatever any source of information is blowing up your skirt or in your ear.

I feel we must all wait to see what the voting of these delegates brings us. I am open to help any organizing within my own district and I suggest you all do the same.

John EMM