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Today-October 1st 2013



What is realy happening to our world. You need to see this.

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(Not For Capital)...(A copy of a letter that I wrote to our house and senate)

(A Theory of Everything That will make you think....A note on this theory it completly removes the ideas of Marx.)

This site is written from within the USA. I thank the lord that I was born in a place that I can say and or write what is on my mind. This is the only place in the world that you can live the way that your political preference indicates that you should. The reason for this site is to save the freedoms that we have and to indicate to the world the value of these freedoms. The reason we need to save them is because they are in danger of being nullified by CREATIVE INTERPRETATION of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights in our court systems. This is being done by military and or law enforcement minded people for the purpose to GAIN POWER to make there job more efficient. The problem with this is that they are giving up the very things that our fathers, brothers and sons have fought and died for. There is 2 possibilities for this happening. #1: They are ignorant and do not know what they are doing. #2: They are truly EVIL and want to destroy this country. In either case they do not belong in control of this great country.

We, the majority of the people of this great country have all been sitting back living our lives raising our families and doing the things that are truly important to all good people . This kind of person has no need of excessive power or control as long as the necessities for a good life for ourselves and our family is available through natural effort. While we were busy with our family. Those power hungry, greedy and paranoid individuals that must be in control of everything because of there paranoia about everything, have by persistence driven by unreasonable fear, gained total control of our country. We can no longer sit back. We must ALL get involved now. This is the only way to solve this dilemma that we are facing. You do not need to follow my ideas, but before you criticize me generate some of your own. If you say my way will not work and do nothing yourself then NOTHING WILL CHANGE. So either do it my way or your way, I do not care as long as YOU ALL DO SOMETHING. to fix this mess.

We are waging 2 wars terror and drugs neither of these wars can ever be won. The war on terror can only be stopped by preventing the existence of people that are so deprived of what they need to survive for themselves and there families that they would rather give up there life to cause harm to the people that they blame for there condition. We all can understand this if we were to picture our own families in the condition of the people that are so poor that they are willing to become a human bomb just to cause hurt to those that have hurt them and to end there own misery. We can only target the NAMED ORGANIZATIONS that give these poor people the explosives, point them at a target and promise to help there family after they are gone. We can not stop terror unless we stop extreme poverty. One thing that we could do is to remove the main source of the funding for these named organizations. There main source of funding is traffic in illegal drugs. This will begin the discussion about the other war. The war on drugs.

The war on drugs is best summed up by the people that have tried to deal with this in the past. I will provide the links to the information that will inform you the same way that it has informed me. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the logic here..... Our grandfathers war ....LEAP....Stop the drug war....Need I say more.

No matter how much you want drugs to go away, I am afraid that is not going to happen no matter what we do. The best we can do is to regulate and educate. We can not even do that until we stop the prohibition.

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